What if everything goes wrong against you? Here are some situations, open up your imagination.

you are a college student(hosteler) who is about to write your last exam.Everyone knows how students prepare for their last exams. Once exams are over you can go to your home after long gap.

1.Alarm fails and you overslept according to your schedule.

2.With a hurry you end up in bathroom along with water less taps.

3.Managing somehow you enter the exam wing 5 minutes earlier and you feel like achieved something before you find that your hall ticket has been forgotten in your room.

4.No wonder, question paper looks damn tough!!

5.your friend who enjoyed like you during previous days of exams,comes out  and says paper is  too easy.

With nothing to do than regretting you get into a bus which will drop in your city.

6.You are sitting in between two unknown people(fat one and kid half of your age).

7.With a pride you take your 6 months old  basic model mobile and start listening to music.

8.Fat guy takes his samsung galaxy tab and kid takes out his nokia lumia.

9.your pride withers as both sees you with a smirk. Addition to that, your impaired headphone falls in their eye sight.

10.The bus get  punctured and you are forced to catch another bus.

11.You got no seats.so, you start your unpleasant journey of standing.

12.You reach your city with an delay of almost an hour or more.

13.Then you catch the last local bus to your area.That too was crowded. Again standing!!!

Now its almost midnight.So, you have to catch an auto to get to your home.

14.After few minutes you get an auto(only one auto is available) which costs more than what you gave  from your college to your city.And he drops you in the middle.

15.With your luggage you walk to your house.After refreshing you almost gone into deep sleep and suddenly as expected there is  power cut.

These situations are common but it becomes real annoyance when it happens on a single day

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  1. Aadi says:

    I think this would have made a super comedy story… :D…
    Try writing one… 🙂


  2. Yikes! What a horrible day! May you encounter goodness today. I invite you to enjoy the landscape as you journey onward! http://themusingmaven.com/2013/03/20/enjoying-the-landscape/


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