It was a sunny day.Somebody was carrying me,their hands were wet and muddy.I was too weak to open my eyes.They not even protected me from sunlight.I was out of my breath.They placed me into the soil and splashed some water against me. An hour passed and i was strong enough to hear what others were speaking.I opened my eyes slowly, i could see many people roaming hither and thither.I cried calling my mother ,but no one could hear me.One man came near and took the mud which stuck on me. Another hour passed,siren sounds almost made me to faint.I was surrounded by dozens of media.Minister was very close to me. He was pouring too much of water continually.I suffered and fell down.A hand put me back to my position.With noisy sounds around,camera flashes made me blind.I fainted this time.

When i woke up i saw a man(probably my guardian) was beside me and he said “You are special one being planted by minister himself.But i doubt whether will you survive till tomorrow.Your life starts here.Pray to god for periodical rain.” Having said this he went away.The place was now filled with silence.I loved it.A Neighboring tree said “welcome to our woodland.Sleep well and take some rest”.I felt like i have found a new mother.I soon fell asleep.A week passed and my health was dipping. All i needed was rest.

One fine morning i woke up and  was shocked.My neighbor and mother tree was being killed by groups of men.She gave me a sorry look and said “Be Strong”.They carried her in a lorry. At least,they spared me. I mourned for hours and became tired.There after my life has been a struggle.But, i fought against it and survived.Now i am 87 years old tree.I don’t know when those killers going to kill me.I am ready to face it and i am the  special one its going to be hard time for them to assassinate me.

If i have one more  life time i would wish to be a home tree which grows with love and affection of their guardian.


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