A Girl Loved By All

She stood by the hill side

Hills were in love with her

Out of shyness

They hid their faces

In the clouds passing by.


She tramped along the riverbank

River was in love  with her

Thrilled river

Was frozen

To glaciers.


She stood under a tree

Flowers were in love with her

Desirous flowers

Committed suicide

To fall upon her.


She  strolled up the seashore

Sea was in love with her

Choppy marine waters

Kissed her feet

And backtracked like a coward.


She crossed me

I too was in love with her

Time rolled on abruptly

She went far away

And I started to write about her.


-Sudharsan Srinivasan

15 responses »

  1. Praveena says:

    Beautiful poem 🙂


  2. beautiful sudharsan…..you from chennai?


  3. bgbowers says:

    You’re welcome, Sudharsan. This is a beautiful poem that I will remember x


  4. bgbowers says:

    You are very talented, Sudharsan. This poem is beautiful and I have reblogged it and shared on Twitter. 🙂


  5. bgbowers says:

    Reblogged this on B.G. Bowers and commented:
    I found this beautiful poem today and just had to share it. Thank you Sudharsan ♥


  6. bgbowers says:

    Oh wow, Sudharsan, is this your poem? I love this kind of writing…beautiful and enchanting. Would you mind if I reblog it? ♥♥


    • sudharsan says:

      Bgbowers i wrote this poem!!! I don’t mind if you reblog it !! Go ahead!! Thanks a lot for spending your precious time on my blog. your blog was amazing!!! A blog full of poem!! wow!! really loved it.


  7. soumyav says:

    lovely interpretation!


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