Rural Queens

Rural Queens 2

Rural Queens 3

What you are seeing above aren’t taken by camera, these are paintings  painted by Illayaraja from Tamil Nadu,India(according to sources given in were painted using oil medium,which became famous all over India.  This is my first poem inspired by a series of paintings.Hope you all enjoy both painting as well as my poem.


Her soft hands kisses the keyboard -And

Making her computer intellect- Same hands

Making  world’s delicious food,smells scrumptious

As she takes it down the street.


The musical contest between

Her bustling set of bangles

And energetic pair of anklets continues

As she walks down the street.


A set of jasmine buds  festooned

On the lengthy black hair,

Proliferates the aroma of jasmine

As she walks down the street.


With a alluring curvy structure,

Wearing the half-saree, She sweeps

The hearts of many men like dusts on the road

As she walks down the street.


The two magnetic eyes faces the soil,

Earring dances to the tune of the wind

And charismatic face carries the most beautiful smile

As she walks down the street.


-Sudharsan Srinivasan

Painting source:

10 responses »

  1. the paintings and the poem are so very beautiful!


  2. Praveena says:

    Beautiful paintings.I have seen this paintings already,But I didn’t know it was painted by Ilayaraja. You have written so beautifully,I am expecting Tamil version as well from you!!!


    • sudharsan says:

      There are another 22 more paintings of him in that website. Have a look at leisure time. I think caught your mind voice. You feel like Tamil version would sync well to this paintings and will be more effective. I felt the same initially. Now, I seriously considering in translating this one. Thanks for your thoughts 🙂


  3. Kate Rauner says:

    Wonderful paintings. I am trying to learn more about India. I looked up your name on the internet – it says Sudharsan is the name of wheel used by lord Vishnu,


    • sudharsan says:

      Oh! That’s great. I am sure you will like India.You got exact meaning of my name as well. It is the name of the weapon(wheel or chakra in sanskrit) which is used by lord vishnu to cut off the heads of the demons. Any way I am not a destroyer(even it is demon) 😛


  4. Cubby says:

    The oil paintings are absolutely amazing in their realistic portrayal. Your poem accents the paintings wonderfully with your beautiful words that bring them to life. 🙂


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