Every living organisms in this universe always wants to live in a habitat which makes them feel comfortable in all aspects.Birds and wild animals change their living habitat based on the climatic conditions.But we, homo sapiens lived in a single habitat and made ourselves comfortable with necessary set ups.Today the whole scene has changed.A call from higher officials saying you are transferred to XX place becomes ineluctable.We modify ourselves  to be mobile and nomadic enough to prove that we are flexible. People were born,brought up,died in a single place(i.e.native place probably),if we backtrack 3-4 generations back.A place which gave them joy,job,money,relatives,friends,wisdom and peace.

I recently,had a chance to visit my ancestral village  after long time.Its the place where my father,mother and their forefathers were born & brought up.They migrated to our present  city many decades back(where I was born & brought up).Since I grown up here,I developed a raging passion towards it.Comparing both,our present place has all facilities in all aspects.Holding  that advantage ,I used to often tease my parents about their birth place.And to be frank, I was never comfortable with those people and place.

I spent considerable amount of time in my ancestral village.I had a great stay over there.My family  went to a temple near by.The narrow route made two-way travel  not  possible.An auto-rickshaw would occupy the whole road.On one side,dying trees were standing without glee and some were fallen.The remaining were bald,with few lucky survivors.On the other side, it was running river,sizing triple the breadth of the road.A cheering sign was,I was able  see the running water.But,it was clear that,a decade is enough for the river to be dried up.I could see few kids were swimming and playing.Though the place was losing its beauty,It was still attractive to my eyes.I suddenly imagined how it could have been a century back.It was a wonderful feeling,environment was much more pleasant.I instantly felt,I belonged here.And,I was back to reality.”This is my place.Indirectly or directly I am responsible for diminution of its beauty“,these thoughts  stung by conscience. Like newton’s third law,for every thoughts an opposite thoughts are generated from our mind.”What difference my presence would have made?” asked my opposition.”Nothing! Only your presence would have made nothing.I meant all people who belonged here.You and nature would have had an inter-dependency and you would have taken care of her” countered  my conscience.

I felt lucky to visualize the remnants of dying nature.It gave me both joy and guilt.The inter-dependency between man and nature is being reduced as time and technology progresses.Technology is comforting us like allopathic drugs.But side-effects are redirected to nature.And no doubt,we can’t ignore both technology and allopathy(which itself is a medical technology).I  travelled carrying these thoughts and reached my grandpa’s house.It is true that if you are in a mood of joy everything around you looks beautiful. I started to admire the nook and corner of the house.It isn’t the usual house you think.The house is shorter in breadth and runs long in length,starting from porch to back entrance.The ceilings are supported by series of woods.All houses in my ancestral village alike  and shares common wall with neighborhoods.Fresh air,noiseless streets,green land mass, tensionless life and importantly a life close to nature(to some extent),I envied their lifestyle.

Amid the care and guilt about condition of the nature,I felt I belong here.After twenty years,for the first time I started to adore my ancestral  village,with no lessened love towards my present place.This tour of mine wouldn’t have changed the dying nature but,I am glad it had hookedorig me back to my origin.

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  1. Kate Rauner says:

    On my father’s side, my roots go to the Alsace in Europe, but my mother was adopted – at the time, birth-parents were kept secret so I know nothing at all about her family. I have a half-history, but as a 4th generation American that doesn’t seem strange. Your village sounds like it is still close to nature – perhaps it will regain the beauty that seems lost today.


    • sudharsan says:

      Oh,Your root crosses ocean and its from France(one of my favourite country)…Really interesting!! So,your mother knows she was adopted but birth parents were kept secret or She doesn’t know she was adopted(latter case would give her inner peace at least). I doubt my native’s resurrection. If it happens I would be delighted.


      • Kate Rauner says:

        I’ve never visited the Alsace, though my brother has researched our family and is pretty sure he knows what town we came from. My mother can only be traced as far back as her own birth in New Jersey. (In America being from New Jersey is not considered very impressive.)


      • sudharsan says:

        That is sad on your mother’s part…but never mind its all about how we live in god given lifetime…


  2. soumyav says:

    its the natural pull which we have for the real untouched nature,howsoever we remain away from it amidst the tall buildings with luxuryand comfort. The soul craves for freedom which is found in the lap of nature and your ancestral place such a place gave you that. Nice article.


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