If I Were A Bird

Poetry Type: Quatrain


My soft feet could romance the wet earth

As I walk along the forest-Two strong

Hands could  handle any deadly dearth,

Which always stays as security lifelong.


Delicious food comes up to mouth by a lift

Ten fingers fights to feed the hungry mouth

Jobless beaks are sacked after thorough sift

An end to painful crouch for each bout.


No more whistling,a sweet song from my band

In dawn could be taken as signal for sun to arouse

Tired of crossing oceans to reach alien lands

And a complete freedom from being a  grouse.


Clothing  with colorful casual wears

Farewell to weightless feather dresses

Fear fades away as no one touch my heirs

Searing sun,pelting rain brings me no stress.


-Sudharsan Srinivasan

Image Source: www .Rgbstock .com

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