Many people have unique habits.Some walk all the way to upstairs without missing each steps.Some talk to non-living things.Even my friend have a strange custom.He would go around a tree(which is on the path of our college) before he enters into the  college. One of my teacher would always walk four times around the class before he starts his lecture. People don’t realize how odd these habits are.The fact is the habit and people are glued together.

Even I have one odd habit.I recently found it was odd. Tell me what a person will do during his travell? He would sleep,listen to music,talk to fellow traveller or would gander outside from window. No doubt I always do the last thing but differently.I used to go back 50 years  and start to imagine how this place would have been and How I would be travelling? This picture would be running in my mind.If get tired I would go some 150 years back and that picture starts to run.Likewise I have went up to the era of dinosaurs. This not only happens while travelling but frequently happens whenever I am in new place,when I am tired of hearing lectures,even during writing EXAMS!! Even now I am going back thinking How I could have written some 300-400 years back(Trust me, it’s really worst,I have no proper pen and there is no fan and I am sweating).

Habit or Historiasis?

All people would day-dream about their future,I, instead time travel in mind and run a picture to myself. So I asked about this to few of my friends.No one was matching my frequency.They said may be I am interested in history which might be a cause for this habit(Yes,I love history a lot!).May be they are right.

I don’t know from which age I got this habit.I don’t know whether I am the only person having this habit.Who knows It may be a disease(HISTORIASIS) yet to discovered. :p  But the bottom line is I enjoy doing it and till now it didn’t affect any my regular works.

If you find any person with HISTORIASIS, Kindly inform me.I would be the most delighted person to hear that.Do you have odd habits?

Image Source: www. shutterstock .com

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