Muttering Of Letter Box


Eating up  all debris and dusts

I hang half-dead after battered

For many decades,Once I used

To consume mouthful of letters.


My stomach would be full,Still

Humans would feed me,Now

There is no food and no one

To feed me,dusts makes me rusts.


I connected many lovers,politicians

Soldiers of wars,unemployed vagabonds

Despite all these favours they deserted me

Like they do for their old ailing parents.


My stomach has become choultries

To naughty rats & sleepy insects

I used hang with pride those days

Now,Hanging at the verge of my death.


I never forget you Homo sapiens

I have left my grandson internet

To serve you in place of mine

Beware of him! He will make you addictive.


My creators were clever – they  painted

Me with blood color as an indication

That I will be suffering in future

Where there won’t be a place for me.


Hanging in an abandoned post

I look like a red clown with rust hat

And waiting for my official death,

At least I can enter into museum as antique.


-Sudharsan Srinivasan

Image Source: www. rgbstock .com



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  1. SAN_jeet says:

    Interesting Subject


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