It was on 2019, September. I started from Brussels, Belgium. On a tired Saturday morning I was ready for hiking in Luxembourg on good European sunny day. Mullerthal is the place and we headed via Bitburger, Germany. I had namesake lunch,Pizza which was horrible. Though Bitburger village was beautiful and had some history under it I couldn’t experience it as my destination was Mullerthal which is also called little Switzerland.

Once I reached the Mullerthal, it was already crowded with hikers. Day by day tourists and hikers are in exponential trend. I thought I am going to be surrounded by hikers. While reaching the foothill there were campers with caravans, tents which obviously was looking artificial. World has become so artificial and far away from nature.

Two of my colleague cum friends were also with me. we three started by climbing small hill and we were on flat surface and continued walk for 12.5 KM approx. We chose medium hiking distance path. we crossed golf court and corn fields. The corn fields were dry and sun was high, yes it was 30 degree sunny day in Luxembourg. Lot of walk and we reached mountainous region.

Most part of the hiking I was alone and I let the other two go ahead me. My mouth automatically was singing a song from Ayirathil oruvan(Tamil movie) which was unreleased track though. Few bikers passed us and some other hikers followed us in distance. Farmer was busy with his work. It was different, not in forest, not in city but I felt somewhat in middle.

Last hour and half of the hike was good part. I crossed many uneven hilly area covered with pleasant trees and plants. These green friends took most of the heat and protected me. The rocks on the way was trying to tell me its stories. The sediment rocks looked it had hidden history. Signs indicating the path were sufficient for safe hiking. Finally I reached a small water body. The water was chill and few were already bathing. Just washed my face after 13 KM non-stop hiking(Mere walking).

Surprisingly no animals were found. How can I expect it, as we human being started to enter their region in the name of hiking/trekking/development. In the end it was beginner’s hiking region and you wouldn’t feel bad for yourself.

-Sudharsana Srinivasan



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