I have never felt the speed of the lights

I know the speed of the days and nights

Rotation and revolution continue forever

Nobody can stop it never and ever.


Time takes each of us in different path

Some follow it with undeniable truth

Some follow it with unstoppable wrath

Our journey will be pleased with spiritual growth.


The choice we have are different,

The choice we make are also different,

The routes are different, but the roots are same

Designations are different, but destinations are same.


When, every  action you do are pre-destined

How can you pre-empt yourself from being strained ?

Cross your path by swimming if it is an ocean

If it is a forest, cross your path with caution.


Some fly  with no attached constraints

Some of them run with few complaints

Many of us walk carrying disappointments

Major people crawl after tasting resentments.


Life is not race to compete with others and win

It’s a collection of experience of contrasting twin

One has to go through joy and sorrow; voracity

And hunger; rain and Draught; falsehood and veracity.


Desire and content; the list not stops and goes on

Transforming into tranquil state declares one has won

Which will make you to sync with cosmic frequency 

And your living shines with courageous transparency. 


Time has concealed purpose of your birth

It reveals neither early nor late, neither in mirth 

Nor in forlorn, everything will make sense

when there is no tomorrow  and you are in past tense.



-Sudharsana Srinivasan

Image Source: http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20160610-it-took-centuries-but-we-now-know-the-size-of-the-universe


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  1. Athira says:

    Well written..Happy to follow your blog

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